This document is provided for informational purposes only and does not constitute an offer to sell securities on the KStarLive.com platform or any of its affiliated companies.

1) KStarCoin is not a security.

You understand and agree that KStarCoin is not a security and cannot be registered or recognized as a security by any government agency. The user acknowledges, understands, and agrees that ownership of KStarCoin does not grant the user the right to receive profits, income, or other payments or returns arising from the acquisition, holding, management or disposal of, the exercise of, the redemption of, or the expiry of, any right, interest, title or benefit in the KStarLive Inc. or KStarLive.com platform or any other KStarLive Inc. property, whole or in part.

2) No guarantee of income and profits.

There is no guarantee that the value of KStarCoin will continue to increase. There is no guarantee that the price of KStarCoin will not fall due to unexpected events, circumstances beyond the control of the developer, or force majeure.

3) Risk associated with Ethereum

KStarCoin is an Ethereum based block chain. Therefore, due to errors or malfunctions in the Ethereum protocol, the trading network of the KStarCoin token may not work as expected.

4) Uncertainty of regulation

You understand that the block chain technology is governed and controlled by various regulations around the world. You understand that various regulations may limit the functionality of KStarCoin in the future, slow down the sale, and that various requests or actions may be made, including the use or possession of digital tokens such as KStarCoin.

5) KStarCoin is not an investment.

KStarCoin is not an official or legally binding investment. In the unlikely event that an unexpected situation arises, the purpose stated in this document may be changed. We will try to achieve all of the goals outlined in this document, but all parties purchasing KStarCoin will make purchases at their own risk.

6) A quantum computing

Technological innovations such as the development of quantum computing can put virtual currency at risk, including KStarCoin.

7) Risk of loss of funds

Funds created are not covered by insurance. In the event of loss of funds or loss of value, no personal or official insurance is available.

8) Funds return

If the campaign is not completed successfully or if the company cancels, the funds will be returned to the user's wallet from the campaign's wallet. You can use this ETH to withdraw or participate in other campaigns released on the KStarLive.com platform.

9) Risk of using new technology

KStarCoin is a new technology and is not perfect in comparison to other technologies. In addition to the risks mentioned in this document, there is an additional risk that cannot be predicted by the KStarLive.com platform team. These risks may represent other forms of risk that are not fully documented in this document.

10) Integration

This white paper is made in full agreement between the parties with respect to the contents of this white paper. All previous agreements, discussions, presentations, warranties and conditions are incorporated in this document. Except as expressly provided in this white paper, there are no warranties, representations, conditions or agreements between other parties. This white paper may only be modified or amended by the company.